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Lottery Winners

Lottery winners receive an email titled “Complete Your CSFP Registration” with a link to complete the online registration and submit supporting documentation. Your unique email will contain full registration instructions and details information about what to submit.

When you receive your registration email you will receive a link to create an online scholarship account. All documents can be uploaded directly to your account as photos from a mobile device or tablet similar to the way photos are uploaded to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. If you cannot upload photos, you can fax your documents to our processing office.

1. Proof of income for all adults – CSFP accepts Federal 1040 Tax returns and statements from the Department of Public Welfare. CSFP does not accept W2s, paystubs, PA tax returns, or handwritten federal tax returns.
2. Proof of address for all adults - You must submit a lease/mortgage or utility bill at your Philadelphia address.
3. Proof of guardianship - Required for all children in the household, including those not receiving a scholarship.

All CSFP scholarships are partial requiring families to make a financial contribution. All families are required to submit proof of at least $8,000 in annual cash income in addition to SNAP and TANF. This requirement was put in place to ensure that families are able to pay their portion of the school tuition. Families who cannot provide proof of $8,000 cash may be ineligible for a scholarship. CSFP may ask for a variety of different information to help your family meet this requirement.

CSFP provides partial scholarships based on income, family size, and your school’s tuition. The maximum award for the 2022-2023 school year is $3,200, per child. You can estimate the scholarship amount you may be to receive here

Once you submit the online registration form and all of the required documents, it can take up to 1 week, or longer depending on the time of year, for your information to be reviewed. Once all of your information is received and verified by our staff, you will receive a confirmation email.

Scholarship applications are not complete until you submit the online registration, all supporting documents, your registration fee, and have notified the CSFP office where the child(ren) are officially enrolled for the fall. Schools must directly confirm enrollment with CSFP before award amounts are determined. Scholarship award letters are distributed to families beginning in June. Schools have direct access to award amounts beginning in June as well.

CSFP scholarships may be used at any of our 160+ schools approved for CSFP funding. This includes most independent private schools and many parochial schools in the greater Philadelphia metro area. A full list of CSFP network schools may be found here.

It is the parent’s responsibility to apply, complete the enrollment process, and notify the CSFP office of enrollment for all scholarship recipients by the required deadline.

Scholarships last for 4 consecutive years, provided eligibility requirements continue to be met. These requirements include:
1. Your family remains financially eligible according to CSFP income requirements. (The scale may increase slightly each year according to the rate of inflation).
2. No money is owed to the school for last year’s tuition.
3. You continue to reside in Philadelphia.
4. Your child must be entering K-8th grade for the new school year.

Unfortunately the 4 year award is not guaranteed. Some families may be eligible for only 1-3 years if they do not meet the above requirements. Contact our office if you have questions about the eligibility requirements. Renewal information is gathered from parents each Spring and they must re-qualify to remain in the CSFP program.

Each year in the early spring, you will receive an email informing you that it is time to renew your CSFP scholarship. Your renewal application can be accessed by logging into your scholarship account and clicking on Registration.

During the fall of the 4th scholarship year, a child in K-7th grade can be re-entered in the general lottery to potentially win a new CSFP scholarship. (eg. If a scholarship started in Kindergarten – the child can be entered in the lottery for a second scholarship opportunity when they enter 3rd grade.) Keep track of your child(ren)’s scholarship years so you do not miss the lottery application deadline!

One key component of educational success is parental involvement. Making a financial sacrifice is a strong incentive for getting, and keeping, parents involved in their child’s school and in the educational process. A CSFP scholarship is a hand-up, not a handout.