Lottery Winners

An email titled “Complete Your CSFP Registration” containing your registration link is sent to the email on your lottery application. Your unique email will contain full registration instructions and detailed information about what to submit.

No, scholarships are awarded through 8th grade. After the first year of the scholarship, your family is considered a renewal and will only need to resubmit a registration form via your online scholarship account. Instructions for completing the renewal are sent via email each spring.

CSFP has a minimum income of $8,000 that is not SNAP and TANF. This requirement is in place to ensure families can pay their portion of tuition and other fees without sacrificing household expenses. The maximum income varies based on household size. Income guidelines can be found on CSFPs main website.

Any adult who reports $0 income or not filing taxes will be required to submit a Wage & Income Transcript from the IRS to confirm income for those who do not file and acts as proof of no income for adults who do not work.

A staff member will follow up and attempt to work with families in this category as much as possible. Families will be required to submit an Under Income Questionnaire, a Wage & Income transcript from the IRS to confirm there is no income, and other documentation to show how the adult(s) plan to support tuition costs. Please be aware that families who do not meet the $8,000 minimum may be ineligible.

All documents can be uploaded directly to your online registration as photos or PDF files or can be faxed or emailed (please choose only one method). If the online registration is not fully completed, with documents, by the given deadline you will forfeit the scholarship opportunity.

  1. Proof of income – All taxable and non-taxable income is required for all adults in the household. Income includes but is not limited to Federal 1040 Tax Returns (no W2s), public assistance, child support, social security, unemployment, worker’s comp, retirement or VA benefits, foster/adoption subsidies, etc.
  2. Proof of address – A current lease/mortgage is required if the address on any documents is outside of Philadelphia.
  3. Proof of guardianship – Birth certificate or custody order required for any child in the household not claimed as a dependent. Custody orders are required for any non-biological child of the registering adult.

Please allow at least one week for CSFP to review and process your registration form and documents. Families receive an email with follow-up instructions if something is missing and/or once the registration is marked as complete. You can also check your status via your online account by clicking on Registration then Financials.

Scholarships can be used at any one of our 150+ private, parochial, or tuition-based partner schools. Selection in CSFP’s scholarship lottery does not guarantee acceptance into a private school. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to apply, complete the enrollment process, and notify CSFP staff of enrollment for all scholarship recipients by the required deadline.

For assistance finding or selecting the school you’d like to send your child to, fill out CSFP’s School Finder Tool .

If you would like your children to attend a school not currently on our list, please contact Jacquie Spencer via email. The team will review and contact the potential new partner about next steps. Please keep in mind if you choose to enroll your children in a non-partner school you risk forfeiting the scholarship opportunity.

Award amounts become available on a rolling basis (beginning in April) after financial registrations are completed by each family and school enrollment is confirmed for each child. When your award amount is available it can be found under Award Letters in your scholarship account.

Scholarship award letters are distributed to families and schools online beginning in April.

Families can have up to three K – 8th grade children receiving a scholarship at one time. Scholarships cannot be transferred from one student to another if any child leaves the scholarship or graduates 8th grade.

After a student is selected in the lottery and is registered for the scholarship, they remain eligible through 8th grade as long as the family continues to meet CSFPs eligibility requirements. To remain eligible, families must continue to reside in Philadelphia, enroll in a CSFP partner school for K-8th grade, and submit a financial registration showing the family continues to meet CSFP’s income requirements. Families automatically become ineligible if they move outside of Philadelphia.

Each student is eligible to receive a scholarship of $1,200, $2,400, or $3,200 per year based on household size and income. All families are required to contribute a minimum of $500 per year toward tuition. Scholarship amounts may differ from the above tier amounts if:

  • The tuition amount minus financial aid is less than $500.
  • The tuition charged to an individual student is less than the anticipated eligibility based on household size and income. Scholarships can only be used toward tuition and CSFP will not pay more than what is owed for any individual student.

All scholarship awards are lottery based. While CSFP does prioritize siblings, additional scholarships are not guaranteed. If a parent would like to receive an additional scholarship, an application to the general lottery must be submitted on behalf of the new student(s).