Current Families

The renewal process helps CSFP confirm that recipients continue to meet eligibility requirements, as well as understand if adjustments to scholarship amounts need to be made.

Scholarship amounts may change from year to year, but will remain one of 3 flat rates: $1,200, $2,400 or $3,200.

You must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. You do not owe any money to the school for last year’s tuition.
  2. You are financially eligible according to CSFP income requirements. (The scale may increase slightly each year according to the rate of inflation).
  3. You must continue to reside in Philadelphia.
  4. Your child must be entering K-8th grade for the new school year.

CSFP will send you detailed instructions about how to renew in February.

Families can renew individual students through 8th grade as long as eligibility requirements continue to be met.

CSFP will work with families to maintain scholarships from year to year as much as possible but “holds” are not guaranteed. If a parent needs to forfeit the scholarship for any period of time, please contact CSFP directly to discuss options.

If you are interested in transferring your student(s) to a new CSFP partner school, please contact CSFP before you start this process to discuss your options. Scholarships may not transfer for individual students if there is a balance owed, the student has been expelled, or the scholarship was awarded through CSFPs partnership with Independence Mission Schools (IMS).

All scholarship awards are lottery based. While CSFP does prioritize siblings, additional scholarships are not guaranteed. If a parent would like to receive an additional scholarship, an application to the general lottery must be submitted on behalf of the new student(s).