School Finder Form

Important things to know before submitting this form:

  • Filling out this form and the resulting communication from CSFP does not guarantee or confirm receipt of a CSFP scholarship.
  • Please submit one school finder form per family. Our system will generate a list and you will also receive an email with a link that will redirect you to your generated list.
  • The list of schools provided, based on your preferences, is for informational purposes only. CSFP cannot assist with the application processes, fees, or guarantee enrollment in a school.
  • Sending your child(ren) to a private school requires a monthly financial commitment. While many schools offer financial aid, the average family contributes an additional $2,300 – $2,800 towards tuition per year.
  • All CSFP awards are partial up to a maximum of $3,200.
  • If your child(ren) are already enrolled in a school, please click here to access the CSFP Family Portal to complete your SCF.