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Why invest with CSFP?

With 20 years of experience, CSFP provides scholarships to under-resourced children to attend tuition-based, K-8th grade schools. Our unique program is proven, consistent, and serves children and families most in need. And unlike other programs, our scholarships are equitably awarded through a lottery.

“The EITC & OSTC programs are the most simple, cost-effective way to make an impact in the educational future of an under-resourced child’s life.” -Mike Jackson, Grant Thornton LLP


We support under-resourced children and families

Up to 3 children in a family may receive a scholarship. CSFP assists families in finding schools that provide a good fit for their children. Families can transfer their scholarship to another private school at any time.


We focus on diversity

CSFP has no religious or political affiliation, a factor that sets us apart from other scholarship organizations. Our 170 diverse educational partners include independent, special needs, and faith-based schools.


We champion equity

Students are selected from a random, needs-based lottery, and come from low-income households in all corners of the city.


We are accountable and transparent

Not only have we received a perfect score of 100 from Charity Navigator in 2019, but CSFP has received a top rating of 4 stars from this independent charity evaluator for the past 9 years!


We make a huge impact

98% of CSFP alumni graduate high school prepared and on time, compared to 63% of Philadelphia public school students.


Our scholarships change lives

"Without CSFP, I honestly don't know where I'd be right now." CSFP alumnus and Drexel University junior, Raushaun Williams.