CSFP’s Breaking Barriers Campaign

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Since 2001, Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia has been changing lives by providing parents the opportunity to select a safe, quality school for their kids. We do this by offering scholarships to Philadelphia families in financial need so that their children can attend tuition-based schools that meet their educational needs.

Now CSFP is launching a bold plan for growth. Our aim is to serve more students longer by removing our four-year restriction on scholarships and retaining more of our scholars through 8th grade, while still providing up to 2,000 new scholarships annually. This campaign, with its historic goal of $100 million, will be essential to our plan. We ask you to join in making it the transformative success we know it can be.

In doing so, you will be helping to break unjust barriers far too many Philadelphia children face—barriers to access, barriers to achievement, and barriers to the prosperous and fulfilling lives they and their families dream of.

In order to help more Philly Kids live prosperous and fulfilling lives, Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) is committed to breaking barriers through this 5-year $100 million campaign.  

As part of this campaign, CSFP will:  

  1. Remove the existing 4-year limit on scholarships, so that all students receive support through completion of 8th grade and 
  2. Increase scholarship amounts and adopt a minimum scholarship level so that most families receive more money while
  3. Continue to award up to 2,000 new scholarships each year and
  4. Maintain an all-time high scholar retention rate of 85% in order to 
  5. Increase the total number of students receiving scholarships to 7,700 by 2027 as we also
  6. Enhance programs that support families and improve the scholars’ experience. 

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