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How to Apply

CSFP accepts scholarship applications from mid-September to March.
Priority given to applications received in November.

See if your family is eligible by answering a few questions:
Does your household reside in the City of Philadelphia?
Is your child entering grades K-8th in 2017?
Does your household income fall within the 2017-2018 Income Scale, below?

Scholarships Year 2017-2018 Income Scale

Household SizeUp to 75% Up to 50%Up to 25%
2Up to $16,020$16,021 - $29,637$29,638 - $43,254
3Up to $20,160$20,161 - $37,296$37,297 - $54,432
4Up to $24,300$24,301 - $44,955$44,956 - $65,610
5Up to $28,440$28,441 - $52,614$52,615 - $76,788
6Up to $32,580$32,581 - $60,273$60,274 - $87,966
7Up to $36,730$36,731 - $67,951$67,952 - $99,171
8Up to $40,890$40,891 - $75,647$75,648 - $110,403
For each additional child add: $4,160$7,696$11,232

If you answered “YES” to all of the questions above, you can apply in 1 of 2 ways:
1. Apply online.
2. In Person- Visit our office at 100 S. Broad Street, Ste 1200, Phila, PA 19110 from 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday during the application season.

What happens next?
Winners are notified in mid-March, after applications close and CSFP conducts their random lottery. While waiting to hear a decision, it is wise to research private school options and contact schools’ admission offices, in the event your child is selected. Click here for a list of CSFP-approved schools. If your child is not chosen, you can re-apply the following school year.

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