Featured Resource: Spring is the time to look into summer camps!

While CSFP does not fund summer camp or extra-curricular activities for your children, we know that out of school time is important. Check out our listing of free and low-cost summer learning opportunities today! 

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Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia awards scholarships by random lottery. We have no particular school, religious or political affiliation and the parents of our students choose the private school that best meets their child(ren)’s needs. Check out the resources below to find a great fit for your child’s school.

While providing K-8th grade scholarship support for low-income Philadelphia children is CSFP’s top priority, we understand the value in providing additional resources for the families of children in our program. CSFP runs several supplemental programs throughout the year to meet specific needs of our program constituents, many of which have been identified by our annual program evaluation.

Not all learning happens in a classroom!  We’ve compiled some great free or low-cost ways to keep your kids active and engaged when school’s out – during both the school year and summer break.  

CSFP provides partial, need-based scholarships to be used in grades K-8. All families who are selected from CSFP’s random scholarship lottery must contribute tuition to their child’s school.

As the tuition rates at CSFP’s more than 170 partner schools vary greatly, we understand that sometimes families need additional support. If you are researching for additional scholarships for your children, use the links below as a starting point. 

CSFP’s partner schools play an essential role in providing quality education to all Philadelphia children. Check out our resources to learn how to become a CSFP school partner and better serve Philadelphia’s low-income families.

CSFP believes in the power of quality education, beginning in Pre-K. To that end, we have teamed up with several organizations in Philadelphia to increase awareness of the importance of quality Pre-K for low-income Philadelphia families. We also work with our more than 170 partner schools to help them increase quality Pre-K programming. 

Looking for Pre-K scholarships? CSFP will offer a limited amount of Pre-K scholarships to children entering Pre-K4 in Fall 2019. Learn more.

CSFP wants to see our graduates thrive in high school and beyond!  Take a look at all of these great resources about high school internships, college prep, and more. Follow us on social  media to keep up-to-date on resources as we find them.

Earn a Tax Credit!

With the PA EITC and OSTC programs, you can use your state tax dollars to provide scholarships for low-income children.

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