Impact in Action

2016 Student Award Ceremony

Meet new CSFP families and hear from alumni and supporters about why K-8th grade scholarships matter.

#CSFPKids Say Thanks!

#CSFPKids say "Thanks" to you, our donors, friends, partners, and CSFP families for making their education possible. Thank you.

CSFP 2015 Student Award Ceremony

New CSFP lottery winners receive their scholarship packets as CSFP alumni, current students, donors, and friends are honored for their work. Watch to meet some of the individuals behind CSFP's success.

CSFP Lottery Day Celebration

Each year, CSFP friends and supporters make calls to families who have just won our random lottery drawing for new scholarships. Watch to see how the news of a scholarship opportunity brings hope to families.

CSFP Application Launch

CSFP opens applications to our random scholarship lottery each fall. Watch as hopeful parents apply to CSFP on the opening day of our 2014-2015 lottery season.


See how CSFP affects the lives of children today! Video courtesy of our great partners at URBN.