Applying to Private School

Step 1 – Identify your educational and financial priorities 
  • Do you prefer smaller class sizes?
  • Does the school need to be close to home or work? Need transportation?
  • Is religious instruction important to you?
  • Does your child need academic or behavioral support? Have an IEP?
  • What activities does your child enjoy?
  • Be realistic about your budget!
Step 2 – Research your school options  
  • Do the schools you are considering address the priorities identified in step 1?
  • The full list of CSFP partner schools can be found here.
Step 3 – Consider your budget.. plan ahead!
  • Do the schools on your final list charge application and/or testing fees? Additional enrollment fee?
  • What is the average cost of tuition? How much can you afford to contribute each month?
  • Are there any fees not included in the cost of tuition?
  • Will you need additional financial support? Does the school offer financial aid? Scholarships?
  • How much are uniforms? Will my child wear the same uniform all year? (Some schools have seasonal dress codes.)
  • Need more help? Check out these articles on planning for private school expenses and budgeting.
Step 4 – Visit schools and submit your application(s)!

The best way to get to know what the school day will be like for your child is to visit the school! Attend an open house or schedule a private tour to get a better idea of how your child will thrive in the new setting.

Does it feel like a good fit? Submit your applications early to maximize your opportunity for admission and financial aid. Consult the school(s) of your choice for specifics about application requirement however be prepared to submit report cards, standardized test scores, and immunization records with your applications.

Step 5 – Share your final school decision with CSFP.  

Don’t forget to let the CSFP team know what school your child will attend! All scholarships are first-come, first-served and are not secure until we receive confirmation of enrollment in a partner school.

If you are registered with CSFP and need to let us know where your child(ren) is enrolled, email the program team at