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CSFP’s Step-by Step Guide to Selecting a Private School for Your Child

STEP 1Identify what your child needs in a school. 

What kind of school are you looking for? Is small class size important? Do you prefer religious or non-religious instruction? What facilities or programs do you prefer for your child? Decide your needs from a school, then proceed to STEP 2. 

STEP 2: Do your research! 

CSFP works with 170 schools to fit each need. Find schools here

Identify 2 or 3 schools you want to contact. Call each school directly and ask to speak with their admissions department. Let the admissions team know that you are a new CSFP scholarship family and would like to learn more about their school. 

Step 3Visit schools. 

Schools will hold open houses and/or arrange a tour just for you and your child. On your visit, feel free to: 

  • Ask to observe a class or other activities. 
  • Ask what aid or other financial support may be available to assist with school fees and tuition. 

Step 4Complete the school’s admissions application before their deadline. 

See list of deadlines in this packet. 

A typical application includes: A form that you can download from the school website or request from the admissions office; report cards or test results; teacher recommendations; and an interview with your child 

Most private schools will interview you and/or your child to confirm that the school is a good fit for your family. These interviews often include some sort of testing to provide a measure of your child’s readiness and developmental abilities. What private schools want: 

  • A clear sense of your child’s abilities in order to ensure their school will be a good fit 
  • You and your child to fully understand the school’s philosophy, vision, and expectations  



Submit Applications EarlyOnce you identify your desired school choices, apply right away.  

Be Honest: Let the school know up front about your child’s needs to ensure the school can meet them. 

Inquire about Financial Aid: School tuition support may be available. Maximum CSFP scholarship funding is $2,900/child.  

Ask Questions! Schools will expect them. Find out: • What’s the average class size? • Is transportation available? • Are before– and after-school care available? • What extra fees are required?  • What’s the homework policy? • Is extra support provided for students with a special need? • Where do students usually attend after they leave this school? 

Choosing a private school takes time and patience. Your child’s education and future are worth it! 

Need help? Fill out this form to have our Director of Academic Support help you make an informed decision.