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CSFP’s central goal is to ensure that every K-8 student in Philadelphia receives a high-quality education. While each of our partner schools is unique and reflective of its school leadership and respective student body, collectively, they reflect a shared foundation of high expectations, commitment to students, and focus on results. In order to become an approved CSFP Partner School, please review our Partner School Participation Guide and contact us for more information.

CSFP scholarship funds are always paid directly to schools — not to families. Twice a year, at the end of November and end of April, we will send payments after a verification process to verify student attendance and family tuition account status.

Yes. CSFP scholarships are paid to schools based on the amount of time a student has attended the school. In some cases, if a student leaves the school before the end of the semester but after the semester’s check has been issued, the school will need to reimburse CSFP for the amount of the scholarship that was unused. CSFP will make the necessary calculations and contact you about reimbursement.

Starting in 2013, CSFP implemented a negotiated tuition policy. This was necessary due to some schools’ rapid tuition increases which dramatically shifted our payment amounts and were simply unsustainable. While we appreciate reasons why schools may raise their tuition(s), CSFP must use either our negotiated tuition rate(s) or your school’s stated 2019 - 2020 tuition rate(s) (whichever is less) to calculate CSFP's scholarship award amounts. This policy allows CSFP to continue to meet financial demands while continuing to expand current funding levels at all schools. For the upcoming 2019 – 2020 school year, we will have provided for a 4% increase in our negotiated rate.

Tuition and other aid information is submitted directly from the school. This information is completed by a school representative. Errors might occur for the following reasons:
• The person completing the form is not privy to information about family discounts or parishioner vs. non parishioner rates.
• A family may have changed from parishioner to non-parishioner (or vice versa) since the form was completed and their tuition rate has gone up or down.
• A family received other aid for the previous school year and it is assumed they will receive the same aid for the upcoming school year. The person completing the form lists the other aid received in the prior school year based on this assumption.

Our scholarship is based on a percentage of tuition due and not a specific dollar amount as compared to other scholarship programs. This percentage is a percentage of what the parent will be responsible for paying after all other financial aid has been subtracted from tuition/negotiated rate. We do our best to educate both schools and families about the way our scholarship works, as CSFP scholarship amounts will change if other aid or tuition originally listed is incorrect.

Yes. If we are informed by the school that a family’s tuition rate has gone up (or down), we will adjust their scholarship amount and pay the difference in the upcoming payment. The same goes for other aid that is received later in the same year and is used to cover the current year’s tuition.

Unfortunately, no. We ask existing families in March/ April to renew for the upcoming school year. Their information is due to us in June. Currently we have approximately 5,000 students in our program. Our goal is to provide scholarship information for all families who complete renewal by our deadline at the end of June. Families who submit late information will take longer to process.

The best way to minimize school calculation errors is to have one staff person responsible for completing forms in our online system. This person should be the person who handles tuition matters including scholarship award programs. Other aid should not be listed unless it is confirmed. In our experience, financial aid from other scholarship programs often changes from year to year.

All CSFP Partner Schools receive access to our Civicore database. There, designated school personnel may complete all of our required forms as well as track CSFP families and payments.

Our partner schools who utilize the following strategies and work closely with families to complete our scholarship application have 25%+ of their students receiving CSFP scholarships. For some of our larger schools this equates to $300K+ in funding per year!

• Distribute information about CSFP to everyone in your school during our application periods.

• Invite CSFP to speak about scholarship opportunities at a parent meeting.

• Link your school and/or church website to CSFP:

• Invite parents to use your computer lab to complete our online application.

• Remind parents multiple times during the application process about CSFP and the deadline.

• Provide help to parents who may need extra assistance completing the online application.

• Connect and stay current with CSFP on social media: