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CSFP Families Kicked Off Holiday Season at the Adventure Aquarium

Nov 28, 2016

With the help of volunteers, dedicated Parent Ambassadors and our partnership with Art-Reach, CSFP provided low-cost admission to the Adventure Aquarium for scholarship recipient families on Saturday, November 26. CSFP families arrived at the Aquarium just after Thanksgiving for a fun-filled day of family bonding, adventure and hands-on learning. Children beamed as they ventured into the aquarium to see sea turtles, sharks, hippopotamuses and so much more!

CSFP has been sponsoring family trips to cultural institutions around Philadelphia for some years now, and plans future trips based on the enthusiastic feedback. Nearly 600 people joined CSFP staff at the Aquarium this past weekend. CSFP remains ’s commitment to expanding learning opportunities to children and families who would otherwise be unable to afford them, including outside-the-classroom experiences.

The event would not have been possible without the help and cooperation of the Adventure Aquarium and their staff as well as the many volunteers and donors whose generosity created lasting memories for so many families. For photos of the event, please click here.