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CSFP Announces New Initiative: Parent Ambassador Program

Aug 15, 2016

CSFP has launched a new program designed to help deepen our relationships to families. The Parent Ambassador Program, consists of 12 CSFP parents at 12 different private schools. Selection was made based on school recommendations and individual interviews. Participants will receive an additional $1,000 in scholarship funding per year. Our parent ambassadors have a proven record of school engagement and a willingness to help other families succeed in our program. We are thrilled to be formalizing this new network of school based ombudsman and are confident it will help us to identify ways in which we can better serve our children.

CSFP believes that when parents and guardians are invested, financially and otherwise, in their children’s education, children have a better chance at success. That’s why families in CSFP’s program pay a minimum of $500 tuition each year, and why we decided to pilot the Parent Ambassador program. Stay tuned for more information about the initiative, including profiles of some ambassadors and updates on the work they are doing, by signing up for our newsletter below.

Our Education Specialist and Field Manger, Kimmell Proctor, introduces the program and discusses how Parent Ambassadors serve both schools and families.