Checklist for Tax Credit Renewals

This applies to all companies or non-CSFP-managed SPEs that filed in the previous year for EITC or OSTC credits for a two-year commitment, and either:

  • Need to secure the second year of a tax credit commitment OR
  • Need to renew a tax credit application for another two years

On May 15*, do the following:

  • Visit the DCED’s website
  • Find your user name and password from your original application (there is a button to hit “Forgot Password” if you cannot find your password).
  • You will see a page entitled “Begin a New Application.”
    Choose either the EITC or OSTC button depending on which application you previously filed. If you are renewing both programs, you must complete a separate application for each type of funding.
  • You will be taken to a page entitled “Applicant Information.” Click the large golden button “Use Account Information” and the information from your previous registration form should populate into the fields.

Some things to note about the application process:

  • NAICS Code: This field does not auto-populate. Select the drop down menus until you are as close as possible to your corporate mission and a code will appear in the box.
  • PA Revenue Tax Box# and SAP Vendor are not required, but if you have the information you can include it.
  • Select the PA County and Municipality based on where your business is located. Out-of-state companies should select “statewide project.” The County and Municipality will determine your PA House, Senate and US House of Representatives.
    • To determine your representatives, go to this website and put in your PA corporate address.
  • Enter your PA Corporate Tax Account ID Number- your accountant or your state tax filings should have this information. If your corporate structure does not have one, then enter ten zeroes (0000000000).
  • From the drop down menu on #4, select two year commitment and indicate whether it is Year 1 of another two years or Year 2 of 2.

*Applications cannot be submitted online before May 15. We highly recommend submitting on May 15 and no later to ensure that credits are reserved for renewing companies. There is always the possibility that applications filed after May 15 may not be guaranteed a priority.