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Young Friends of CSFP

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YFCSFP is a group of emerging professional leaders committed to CSFP’s mission to provide low-income children in Philadelphia with access to safe, quality schools.


In Philadelphia, we know that poverty, income inequality and achievement gaps are high. We also know that through quality education, students from low-income families have an opportunity to close these gaps and reach their potential.


That is why YFCSFP formed: to bring together like-minded young professionals and emerging community leaders, support equal educational opportunities for families, and empower students to succeed.


Become a YFCSFP Member
YFCSFP’s executive committee is committed to expanding our group’s impact. Whether you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in the community, want to help lead CSFP forward in its mission, or just looking to network with a good group of like-minded people with a common goal, YF wants members like you.


You can make an impact as a YF member.

  • Raise funds to directly support scholarships for K-8th grade low-income students
  • Access volunteer opportunities at CSFP family/student events
  • Build marketing/planning experience by helping to lead an event or social campaign
  • Engage your employer or business in sponsorship opportunities, PA’s education/scholarship tax credit program, or employee match program
  • Raise awareness of CSFP’s mission and education issues in the city

We’re looking for creative, passionate individuals to help move YFCSFP forward and engage our students in new ways.


If you’re interested in joining YFCSFP, please contact Nicole Tell, Vice President, Development at [email protected].

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