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Tristen is a fourth grader at St. Martin de Porres School with a passion for robotics and reading.


Q: What is your favorite out of school activity or hobby?
A: I like to play video games and read. I’m also in a summer STEM program, and I do robotics projects.

Q: What is your favorite time of the school day (class, free time, etc)?
A: I like recess!

Q: Who/what do you want to be when you grow up?
A: I want to be a police officer.

Q: What do you miss about your school and why are you excited to go back?
A: I miss my friends and my teachers, and I’m excited to go back because I miss the teaching and want to make new friends and start fourth grade.

Q: What is your favorite memory from school?
A: My favorite memory is the reading group and when I started to meet my friends for the first time.

Monica, Tristen’s mother

Q: In what ways does this scholarship impact your family? Any advice for incoming families?
A: My child now has access to quality education at a school that has lots of opportunities for him. As a parent you meet new people, and the children do as well. They get to learn a lot and have a lot of fun. My advice is to reach out with questions or concerns. CSFP is very informative and detailed when it comes to applying, deadlines, and main/current events. Check your emails!

Q: What makes you proud of your child?
A: The more he stays at it in terms of education, the more I see his strength. He is very eager to learn.

Q: What sorts of doors have opened for your child through attending a tuition-based school?
A: I see more advantages when it comes to furthering his education once he leaves his current school. He can put it on his resume for colleges, and even high school. He has more to offer as a student.

Q: What is your favorite memory of your child at school?
A: My favorite memory would be when he first started. He’s grown a lot all around since then.

Q: How has your child remained connected to his friends during the pandemic?
A: They do a lot of Zoom, and my son is now in a STEM program where he’s met new students and a new instructor. They meet every day so he has plenty of activities to do with other kids on Zoom.