Family Stories Chase


Chase is a first grader at Saint Helena-Incarnation Regional Catholic School.


Q: What is your favorite hobby and how does it interest you?
A: Being active and playing with friends.

Q: How has school during the pandemic been? What do you like and what do you miss?
A: I liked being home during the day because I had more freedom, but I missed being in school with my teachers and friends.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?
A: A director. I enjoy making videos and movies on my iPad.

Q: Describe your favorite teacher.
A: Ms. Martino is my favorite teacher because she was nice and good teacher.

Kiarah, Chase’s mother

Q: What are your hopes for your child?
A: That he becomes the best version of himself. I want nothing but opportunities and great life experiences for my son.

Q: What do you see as your child’s greatest strengths or skills?
A: He’s very independent, he’s quick learner and an awesome problem solver.

Q: How has the pandemic affected your child’s education experience?
A: Honestly it hasn’t, we have managed by the grace of God. 

Q: Why did you become interested in tuition-based schools?
A: I knew my kids would get the best education at a CSFP school.

Q: How did you discover CSFP and what impact has it had on your family?
A: A family member told us about it. It’s had such an impact on Chase’s education.

Q: Why do you value your child’s education so much?
A: With education so many doors and opportunities are open to you. Many things can be taken away from you. However, knowledge is power and it’s yours! 

Q: What kind of advice would you give to other families seeking a better education for their children?
A: There’s no limit when it comes to you or your child’s education! Also I encourage families to seek the best schools and programs out there for the needs of you and your child.