Meet the donor: Matt Tucker

Mar 20, 2018

Two years ago, Matt Tucker and his wife April sat down to figure out their holiday giving. After a little googling for education-based charities in the area, Matt discovered CSFP, which at the time was one of Charity Navigator’s Top Ten Charities Receiving Private Donations. The Chester County resident has been interested in education for a long time, and has deep roots in Philly. After growing up in rural Maryland and attending public school there, Matt matriculated to Drexel and, despite some short departures, has lived in the Philadelphia area ever since.

With CSFP, Matt’s interests both in giving locally and focusing support on younger children came together. Matt is interested in local giving, and with good reason. In Matt’s words, giving locally is a way to strengthen and build your community. “It’s about bringing up the tide where you live. When more people do well in your area, the standards rise for everyone” he said in a recent interview. “Besides, it’s just the right thing to do, to take care of those around you.”

On education, Matt is firm in his belief that supporting children when they are young sets them up for future success. “It’s great to see support for students attending college, but who gets to go to college? The students who succeeded in lower grade levels. Early education is where you can make a big impact, and help more children get to where they need to be.”

We hear you loud and clear, Matt. Thank you for your support, and for investing in a child’s future and the future of Philadelphia!

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