March Lottery Day

Mar 16, 2018

On March 14, CSFP staff, volunteers, donors, families, and alumni gathered to call the winners of CSFP’s final school year 2018-19 scholarship lottery and inform them they were selected to receive a four-year, partial scholarship to one of over 170 private schools in the area. The 2,000 newest scholarship recipients were chosen from a pool of over 10,000 applications and selected through a random need-based lottery. Callers experienced the joy and gratitude felt by parents as they learned their children’s lives would change forever.

“Over the past seventeen years, I have seen the tremendous difference that access to quality education makes for children,” says CEO, Ina Lipman. “When children receive a solid foundation in the early years of their education, they are set on a path to success. CSFP students thrive when given financial access to the quality schools that all children deserve: our alumni who leave our program after 8th grade graduate high school prepared and on-time at rates greater than 96%.”

One of those CSFP program alumni, Djeneba Nayete, attended the event eager to call winning families and share the exciting news. Djeneba is now a senior at LaSalle University, majoring in Public Health. She attributes her family’s CSFP scholarship to her current success. Reflecting on receiving the scholarship, Djeneba stated: “I remember when my family won the CSFP scholarship. My mom cried; she was so relieved that she could afford a great school for me and my siblings.”

Watch an interview with Djeneba, or see pictures from the event.