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On Chance and Perseverance: The Lottery is Only the Beginning

Feb 12, 2016

A lot can happen by chance: CSFP scholarships, for example, are distributed by random lottery. Yet the winners of these K-8th grade scholarships (and their families) put in the hard work necessary to succeed at their chosen schools. The hard work and perseverance that our parents and children demonstrate, once given this scholarship opportunity to attend a quality private school, is key to CSFP students’ consistently high on time high school graduation rate (currently at 96%, despite their low-income status).

And the success of CSFP’s program—which exists to increase children’s access to quality education—contributes to the success of Philadelphia. Our alumni go on to great things. Take the example of CSFP’s 2015 High School Award Winner Raushaun, who turned his record of absenteeism and acting up in class into one of success as high school valedictorian and Drexel University matriculate interested in Neuroscience. Raushaun hopes to become a neurosurgeon one day.

This month’s featured student Kayla, just in her first year of a CSFP scholarship and midway through kindergarten, already wants to become a doctor. Her mother says she already sees the confidence that Kayla’s private school inspires in her child. Kayla has a long road ahead of her in her education, but with the solid building blocs of a quality early education, and CSFP alumni like Raushaun as role models, we know she will succeed.

On March 10th, CSFP and friends will contact the 2,000 new latest scholarship winners. Consider joining us that evening as we let families know everything is about to change for their children.