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CSFP Welcomes New Parent Ambassadors to Program

Aug 8, 2017

CSFP is pleased to announce that we have admitted an additional 20 new Parent Ambassadors (PAs) into our program, who will begin work at their children’s schools this coming fall. CSFP Parent Ambassadors are dedicated parents of children currently receiving CSFP scholarships, who take on additional roles at their schools in order to help CSFP administrate scholarships more effectively. These parents help CSFP build stronger connections to their school communities by working with other CSFP parents and administrators in their schools.

We piloted the Parent Ambassador program last year. In that short time, our inaugural cohort of 13 parents helped CSFP identify families in danger of leaving our program and provide them with the support they needed to stay, in addition to representing CSFP at a host of events. We had such success with this pilot, that we decided to double down: CSFP now has 33 PAs in the program.

Our PAs will help strengthen our program and provide valuable feedback on the ways in which CSFP scholarships impact the lives of children who receive them. We are excited to begin a new school year with this group, and to embark on some new initiatives with the PAs, as well. Stay tuned for more!