Sep 28, 2022

For the first time, the scholarships will support every student through 8th grade

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) opened its 2023 – 2024 application season with several major changes that will benefit Philadelphia families. New this year, the program includes a minimum scholarship award which will increase the dollar amount provided to most families, updated maximum income guidelines to allow more families to qualify for scholarships, and no longer has a four-year limit. The application launch coincides with the kick-off of CSFP’s Breaking Barriers Campaign, a historic $100 million fundraising effort aimed at increasing the total number of students receiving scholarships annually to 7,700 by 2027.

Starting in the 2023-2024 School Year, all students who win the lottery will receive scholarships through 8th grade and no student will receive less than $1,200 per year. More than 80 percent of families will receive the same scholarship amount or more as the organization pivots to a tiered system of $1,200, $2,400, and $3,200 per student, per year as determined by need. Finally, in order for all CSFP students to receive support through the completion of 8th grade, the organization removed the existing four-year limit on scholarships.

“This is a monumental year for CSFP. As we look to the future, we are proud to maintain or increase the amount awarded for most families, and remove our four-year limit to commit to supporting students all the way through 8th grade. All of these efforts would not be possible without the launch of the Breaking Barriers Campaign, which will ensure that our programmatic enhancements continue to improve and grow. By raising $100 million we will enable more students to achieve the amazing outcomes experienced by students who stay in their CSFP partner schools through 8th grade, and ensure more Philadelphia families have access to safe, quality educational opportunities regardless of their zip code,” said Keisha Jordan, President & CEO at Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia.

Applications for need-based, K-8th grade scholarships for Philadelphia families are open through March 1 and are available at www.csfphiladelphia.org/scholarships. CSFP scholarships are awarded through a random lottery and are available for up to three children per family. Applications received by November 15 will be entered into a December lottery. CSFP encourages parents and guardians to take advantage of the priority deadline, which provides the greatest likelihood of receiving a scholarship. All other applications will be selected in a March lottery.

For more information about CSFP, please visit www.csfphiladelphia.org.

About Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia 
Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) is a privately funded program whose mission is to provide financial access for students from under-resourced Philadelphia families to safe, high-quality, tuition-based schools. It is the largest provider of scholarship support for grades K-8 in Pennsylvania. CSFP currently serves more than 5,700 children in K-8th grade enrolled at more than 160 area tuition-based schools, who are receiving a maximum of $3,200 per child, per year.  CSFP scholarships are all need-based and awarded by random lottery.   

About the Breaking Barriers Campaign 

CSFP launched the Breaking Barriers campaign in 2022 to break down the barriers to quality education for Philadelphia students. The campaign will allow CSFP to go from serving 5,400 students as of Spring 2022 to serving 7,700 in five years! This five-year, $100M comprehensive fundraising campaign will also enable CSFP meet the needs of students and families looking for quality, safe school options for their child/children. Learn more about the campaign: www.campaign4csfp.org