How PA Educational Tax Credits Work

Dramatically lower your state and federal tax liability while investing in Philadelphia low-income children through the PA Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) and the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). Eighty percent of Philadelphia K-8th grade public schools are on Pennsylvania’s list of lowest-performing schools, and parents are desperate for better options for their children.

By donating to CSFP through the tax credit programs, you provide hope, opportunity and success for low-income children and our community’s future.

Sample Tax Credit Calculation: C Corp  

Impact26 lives impacted
PA Tax Bill$50,000
Donation Amount$50,000
Tax Credit (90%)$45,000
Federal Tax Savings (net @ 21%) $1,050
Tax Savings $46,050
Net Cost $3,950

Sample Tax Credit Calculation: S/LLC/LP

Impact5 lives impacted
PA Tax Bill$10,000
Donation Amount $10,000
Tax Credit (90%)$9,000
Net Federal Tax Benefit$2,400
Net Cost for Donor $0


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