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High School Scholarship Programs

When you are considering high school, be sure to check with each school about their scholarship opportunities and to see if they have recommendations for financial aid. Below is a short list of programs available to children in Philadelphia. 

Capstone Legacy Foundation

  • Capstone’s scholarships are for Christian schools, Pre-K through 12th Grades.
  • Scholarship applications are obtained ONLY by attending Capstone’s Parent Engagement Meetings.
  • All parents are required to attend Capstone’s Award Program with their award recipient(s).
  • Parents must apply each year to be eligible to receive a scholarship for the upcoming school year.
  • Awards are then distributed on a “neediest-first” basis.
  • The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the amount of funding available at the time.  The goal is at least $1,000 per award, although it can be higher or lower.


Charles E. Trust for Girls

Grants from The Ellis Trust are awarded to girls entering grades 9-12 who meet the following criteria:

  • Live in Philadelphia.
  • Live in a household where one or both parents are absent, or mentally or physically disabled.
  • Meet income eligibility requirements for reduced lunch under the National School Lunch Program. 
  • Have grades of “C” or better in major school subjects.
  • Are making academic progress toward timely graduation.
  • Can prove their dependency status (name appears on their family’s tax return or DPA document).
  • Are in a family that does not own property other than their primary home.

Children’s Jubilee Fund
The Children’s Jubilee Fund exists to provide K-12 educational scholarships for low-income urban children to attend Christian Schools. Our fund directly impacts K-12 students in our member school network Philadelphia, Norristown, Camden and Chester-Upland. Schools in the Delaware Valley who meet the standards adopted by the Board apply for and are received into membership. Scholarship funds are disbursed to Member Schools who select the recipients of the scholarships and administer the funds, according to the policies of the Board.

Family Choice Scholarship Program
We are a non-profit scholarship organization that receives scholarship donations in order to help Pennsylvania parents send their children to the high school of their choice.
In order to apply…
• Families must be residents of the State of Pennsylvania.
• Families with one dependent child must make no more than $72,000 a year with an increase of $12,000 allowed for each additional dependent child.
• Students in Pre-K must be enrolled in an EITC Eligible Pennsylvania private Pre-Kindergarten Program.
• Students in grades K-12 must be enrolled in a Pennsylvania private school.

The Bravo Foundation
Since September 2003, the Foundation has committed millions in scholarship money statewide.  Working with committed, forward thinking companies, the Bravo Foundation has created solid public-private partnerships throughout the state to improve education for children.  

The Bridge Foundation
Bridge Educational Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that provides scholarship opportunities to Pennsylvania’s low-income families.  We partner families and schools with businesses and philanthropic leaders to provide scholarships that allow children to attend the school that best meets their educational needs. 

Other resources:

  • More information regarding local Catholic high school scholarship programs may be found here:
  • While scholarship options vary significantly from state to state,there are a number of nationwide scholarship options available, including those from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (offering scholarships to low-income high school students).
  • In addition to these programs, some private schools also offer a large variety of in-house scholarshipsfor students that can help greatly reduce tuition costs, and this is one of the most important questions to ask when considering the different schools in your area.  There are even a handful of private schools across the country that offer free tuition such as Girard College in North Philly!
  • Additionally, many churches offer tuition assistanceto member families who wish to send their children to schools within the same religious affiliation.  If you are a member of a local church, inquire with your pastor or church administrator to find out if this is an option.