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Prospective Families

Lottery applications are submitted online via our website during open application season. You may find the online application on our homepage from September 15th through November 15th, and December 1st through March 1st.

For 2019-20, CSFP will offer two online lottery application periods. We encourage all interested families to apply at their earliest opportunity. The first lottery application period will open September 15th and will be available on our website until November 15th. The next lottery application period will conclude March 1st.

Families residing in Philadelphia with children entering Kindergarten through 8th grade in the fall of the year the scholarship is awarded may apply if they believe they are financially eligible. Click here to see if you meet CSFP’s income requirements.

If you are awarded a CSFP scholarship opportunity, you will be required to submit documentation of all household income (e.g. income earned by anyone in the home, not limited to the student’s biological parents), including:
• Earned income (provide most-current-year federal income tax return(s), including 1040 of all filers in the household)
• SNAP benefits, cash assistance
• Social Security
• Child support
• Any other income not included in the categories above.
You must also provide proof of the number of people in your household by having them listed on your tax return or on the documentation of government aid or child support or birth certificate. If you have a special situation that makes this difficult, please contact CSFP for clarification.

The amount of a CSFP scholarship is determined by income relative to tuition. However, there is a maximum award of $2,900 per student for the 2019-2020 school year, as well as a minimum annual contribution of $500 by each family toward tuition. Families are responsible for finding additional financial aid and/or paying the balance of any remaining tuition themselves.

A common reason that families drop out of the CSFP program is that they cannot afford to continue their part of tuition payments at their private school. Because stability is important in a child’s education, please seriously evaluate your financial situation and determine whether it is feasible to make private schooling a long-term commitment for your family.

Our award opportunity is for 4 consecutive years, provided eligibility requirements continue to be met. These requirements include:
1. No money is owed to the school for last year’s tuition.
2. You are financially eligible according to CSFP income requirements. (The scale may increase slightly each year according to the rate of inflation).
3. You must continue to reside in Philadelphia.
4. Your child must be entering K-8th grade for the new school year.
5. Renewal information is gathered from parents each year in April, and they must requalify to remain in the CSFP program.
Additionally, children who receive CSFP scholarships must maintain an attendance rate of 90% or higher for each year they receive support, because you cannot benefit from a quality education if you don’t experience it.

We believe that helping children get a strong start in school has many benefits down the road. We want to help children from families in need have access to quality education in the first years — the most formative years, before their academic abilities might even be known. We also want to help K-8th grade students who may not be doing well in public schools, as well as those who have learning differences.

CSFP keeps a list of families who enter the lottery and were not initially selected, but this list is kept for that application season only. Once all scholarships have been awarded for a given school year, eligible families should apply again the following year.

Scholarships may be used at any of our 170+ participating private schools in and around Philadelphia. A full list of CSFP network schools may be found here:

No, not at this time.

Have other questions about the CSFP application process? Please contact us at 215-670-8411.

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