Benny graduated from Holy Redeemer in spring 2013, and is starting his new school year at the Academy at Palumbo this fall. Hope received a CSFP 8th Grade Student Achievement Award at our 2013 Student Award Ceremony. Please find the answers to some interview questions below.


Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Playing basketball and hanging out with friends.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?
A: Math, because it’s easy! I like graphing the most.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your elementary school?
A: Doing group projects with my friends.

Q: What high school will you attend in the fall and how did you decide to go there?
A: I am going to Academy at Palumbo, because it is near my house.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: I want to become a doctor or veterinarian. My school helped me prepare for this by teaching us anatomy.

Q: Who is your role model?
A: I look up to Michael Jordan, because he never gave up, whether he was sick of injured.

Xi Bo (Benny’s Mother)

Q: What are your hopes for your child?
A: I would like my son to become a doctor when he grows up.

Q: Why do you think it was important for your child to attend a tuition-based elementary school in Philadelphia?
A: I believe it was important for my son to attend a tuition-based school, because I wanted him to learn more and get a better education.

Q: How did you feel when you were notified that you won the CSFP lottery?
A: I felt really happy when my son Benny won the lottery.

Q: How did your scholarship from CSFP affect your family?
A: It helped our family to save while sending Benny to a good school.

Q: What would you tell others about CSFP?
A: I would tell them that this scholarship is extremely helpful and suggest that families who need help affording tuition apply.