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School Visits Focus on Keeping Students Where They Succeed

Nov 16, 2016

CSFP is invested in helping children attend and succeed in great schools. We have scaled our staff to match the growing demands of a student population of more than 5,300 children from low-income families, each with their own particular needs and learning style. Over a year ago, we hired our first-ever Educational Consultant and Field Manager, Kimmell, to work on building stronger relationships with school administrations and making sure students get to and stay in the schools they require.

Kimmell and her staff spend much of their time out in the field, visiting the 160 schools CSFP partners, making sure that each school meets our eligibility criteria. They visit with principals and administrators, gather data on the number of CSFP children attending each school, and discuss how best to manage the students and families who depend upon CSFP support to remain at each school. Kimmell has also been leading an attrition study to determine why families may choose to leave a CSFP partner school before their four years in our program have come to an end.

This school year, CSFP has visited 23 schools. From Principal Sister Rose at St. Peter the Apostle, who states that her school “is the best thing going…We have the best students, the best families, and CSFP helps so many of them” to Alex Borders at the Waldorf School Philadelphia, who states “I have met so many amazing families for whom tuition would be out of reach were it not for [CSFP’s] support.” School administrators across our network agree that children can succeed with CSFP’s support. We look forward to continuing this study over the years to come and developing more and better ways to serve the families who depend on our critical funding to send their children to quality schools.

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