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Scholarships for the Holidays

Dec 16, 2015

“I can’t believe it. Let me catch my breath.” –new CSFP parent R. Burns on learning that her child was selected from CSFP’s random lottery for special “opening day” scholarships this month.

On December 15, over 200 children learned that they would receive an extra holiday gift this year: financial assistance to great K-8th grade schools. Volunteers and supporters joined CSFP staff to make calls informing parents who entered CSFP’s special “opening day” lottery that their children had been selected and were eligible to receive a four year scholarship starting next school year. Callers were greeted with tears of joys and many words of thanks upon learning of this good news.

Such good cheer is in stark contrast to the consequences of a continued PA budget stalemate. CSFP, and over 700 other scholarship and educational organizations across the state, stand to lose up to $150million in corporate donations under the PA EITC/OSTC tax credit programs if the state does not move forward with a budget by the end of the year. Despite the funding crisis, CSFP was able to offer these new 200 scholarships through the generosity of our private donors.

This special lottery was conducted outside of CSFP’s annual scholarship lottery. CSFP remains committed to issue an additional 2,000 new four-year scholarships in the spring. Families who entered but did not win the “opening day” lottery will be automatically added to our general lottery, which closes on March 1. Any families interested in learning more about CSFP scholarships or entering our lottery are encouraged to apply today.

CSFP would like to thank our donors, volunteers, Parent Network, and Young Friends for their help in making this special lottery possible. For more information on CSFP scholarships, click here.