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On Speaking with New Scholarship Families

Oct 28, 2016

One of the true delights of working or volunteering for CSFP is informing Philadelphia parents/guardians that their children were selected from our random scholarship lottery. The sheer joy parents express upon learning that they can give their children quality elementary education is contagious. This year, CSFP held a special “Opening Day” lottery in September, when we released new applications for the 2017-2018 school year to the public. Parents who attended our application launch event submitted paper applications to be one of 150 early lottery winners. Last week, CSFP alerted these families that they won.

As we welcomed these new parents and explained expectations and guidelines for participating families, parents shared why they applied and what they hope for from their child(ren)’s education. Families’ reasons for looking for private education are as diverse as Philadelphia itself. Danielle, whose son is both gifted and autistic, is looking for alternative approaches for her son’s education. She applied to CSFP so she could afford to find a better fit for her son: “We’ve had a hard time in the public system and not many schools offer the type of educational program he needs.” Bernard said that he noticed a negative difference in his daughter’s attitude when she started at her current school, so he’s looking for a school with more structure and smaller classes. He thinks that private education might be the right fit: “We’ve looked at a lot of the other schools in our neighborhood, and they all seem the same. I want her to go somewhere different.” Charis is looking for something different, as well: “I’m interested in a more tailored education for my daughter. I think a Friends school might work.”

The common theme among these responses? Hope for a better K-8th grade education, and a better future, for their children. CSFP will host two more lotteries this year: one in December, and one in March. Donors, volunteers, and organizational friends can help make calls and spread the good news to winning families. Contact us for more information.