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Lottery Day Spreads Holiday Cheer

Dec 9, 2016

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP)’s staff, donors, volunteers, and current scholarship families gathered at FS Investments last night for CSFP’s holiday Lottery Day celebration. Callers laughed, cried, and shared in the joy as hundreds of families were called to let them know that they just won from CSFP’s K-8th grade random scholarship lottery. For these families receiving the call last night, the news was life-changing.  

CSFP staff was at the home of one mother while she received a call from PA Speaker of the House Mike Turzai, informing her about her daughters’ new scholarships. Naimah Buckner was delighted to hear the news: “Yes!” she shouted, immediately tearing up and drawing her four- and six-year-olds in for an embrace. Her daughters were ecstatic, too:  “I am excited to go to a new school. And play and learn!” -6-year old Kiama said into the camera in her living room. Their reactions were caught by CBS3, shared below:

Though CSFP awarded 1,600 scholarships from our Priority Lottery last night, applications remain open until March 1. CSFP’s random lottery is open to all low-income Philadelphia families who seek enrollment in quality private schools for their children. Families interested in securing financial access to private school for their children may apply here.

CSFP thanks FS Investments for hosting Lottery Day, as well as all the volunteers who gave their time to spread this holiday cheer. Finally, we’d like to thank our wonderful community of donors for making this hope, opportunity and success possible for so many young lives.