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Lottery Day Brings Over 100 Volunteers to Navy Yard

Mar 12, 2016

“Hello, I’m calling from CSFP, and I’d like to tell you that your child has been selected from our random lottery. Your family has won a K-8th grade scholarship for up to three children. Congratulations!”
Hundreds of parents received similar calls last night as CSFP donors, volunteers, and current CSFP parents gathered at Franklin Square Capital Partners to relay the good news at CSFP’s annual Lottery Day event. Two-thousand new four-year scholarship recipients were randomly selected from a pool of 10,000 applicants to CSFP’s program this week, and event attendees made calls to all winners, letting them know that everything is about to change for their children. Lottery Day was inspirational, as our volunteer callers shouted, laughed, and shared happy tears along with the new parents who received the news.
CSFP hosts Lottery Day as a terrific way to communicate to our scholarship winners quickly, and connect CSFP supporters to the families their work impacts. Said CSFP Board Member and Franklin Square Executive Vice President Mike Gerber of last week’s event, “My colleagues and our guests who volunteer for [Lottery Day] rave about the experience. There’s nothing like delivering such meaningful, life-altering news to the kids and their families.” After a few remarks given by staff, Franklin Square, and current CSFP parent Tiffanee, attendees started making calls. NBC10 captured the moment, as they were interviewing a mother in her home as she got the call from CSFP informing her of children’s new scholarship.
CSFP would like to thank our donors, who make our scholarships possible, and our network of volunteers and supporters for their help in this year’s Lottery Day. Together, we are bringing hope, opportunity and success to thousands more Philadelphia children!