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Lottery Day Brings Good News to Hundreds of Families

Mar 21, 2017

“My kids are learning a lot at their school. They love their school. They don’t know what they would do without their school, and without their scholarship, I don’t know where they would be at this point.” –CSFP parent Jacquie Robinson, on the impact a CSFP scholarship has made on her family.

Last night, Jacquie spoke in front of a gathering at CSFP’s office to explain why our four-year scholarships to safe, quality, K-8th grade schools make a difference in her children’s lives. As can be felt through Jacquie’s words, CSFP scholarships mean a lot to the families who receive them. Last night, CSFP staff, donors, volunteers, and current parents like Jacquie, called the families of K-8th grade children who were randomly selected as winners of our scholarship lottery at our annual March Lottery Day celebration.

The families we called last night were selected to win the remaining scholarships necessary to meet CSFP’s goal of awarding 2,000 new scholarships to start in the 2017-2018 school year. Parents of children selected in CSFP’s lottery may use their scholarships at any of CSFP’s 160+ K-8th grade partner schools. CSFP will officially award these scholarships at our Student Award Ceremony in June.

For more information on CSFP scholarships, click here.