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Exposing the “Opportunity Gap” for Low-Income Students

Aug 18, 2015

A recent report titled Building a Grad Nation: Progress and Challenge in Ending the High School Dropout Epidemic* illustrates the state of high school graduation across America. The report highlights the many factors that contribute to a student’s likelihood to drop out of high school. One major factor is family income. Students from low-income families graduate at a rate 15% lower than their peers from wealthier households, creating an “opportunity gap” for these students.

This statistic is especially troubling in Philadelphia, where, according to the most recent PEW “State of the City”* report, the poverty rate remains the highest of the nation’s ten largest cities, with 26% of all Philadelphians and 36% of Philadelphia children living below the federal poverty line. It is clear that much needs to be done to support Philadelphians living in poverty and ensure a stronger future for the next generation and our future workforce.

Here at CSFP we are changing the trajectory of young Philadelphia lives. With your help, this fall, 6,200 low-income Philadelphia children will be receiving CSFP scholarships to attend safe, quality K-8th grade private schools. Despite an average family income of $29,000 per year, these CSFP scholarship students will now be able to graduate high school, prepared and on-time, at rates that exceed 96%! Help us improve outcomes for thousands more children. Find out how you can support our efforts here.

*The full Grad Nation report can be accessed here and the full PEW study can be accessed here.