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CSFP Students Continue Learning Through the Summer

Aug 1, 2018

In July, 27 CSFP students, entering 8th and 9th grades, joined CSFP and local teachers at the Honickman Learning Center for a summer tutorial focusing on math, writing, and computer programming. This six-session tutorial featured individualized instruction, small group projects, and independent learning activities focused on the three core subject areas.

CSFP began this summertime program in 2006 when CSFP families reported that they would appreciate affordable, summer tutoring opportunities for their children. The sessions are free to CSFP families, and utilize local teachers to freshen up students’ skills before they enter their final year of middle school or their first year of high school. CSFP students understand the value of this type of opportunity, as one participant, Jenny, said “I get to learn a bunch of new things, but even when I know something, it’s a good review and there’s no pressure of grades.”

CSFP would like to thank our supporters of the summertime tutorials: the Ludwick Foundation, and the Lindback Foundation, for their generosity. In addition, we would like to thank the Honickman Learning Center for hosting the event, and our great K-8th grade teachers for helping CSFP students stay ahead over the summer.

For photos of the tutorials, please visit our Facebook page.