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CSFP Opens 2015-2016 School Year Application Lottery

Nov 3, 2014

On October 30, CSFP announced the availability of 2,000 new four-year scholarships at URBN, Inc.’s headquarters at the Navy Yard. Hundreds of students, school representatives, and families joined CSFP to celebrate the start of the new application season, during which time low-income Philadelphia families with children in K-8th grades can enter the CSFP random lottery for the latest 2,000 new scholarship awards. The celebration marked our 4th year of CSFP’s Campaign for 10,000 Children, through which CSFP has already issued 6,000 new, four-year awards.


CSFP currently provides partial scholarships to 5,400 children from low-income families living in Philadelphia. Many hopeful parents attended the new application event to be among the first to apply to the CSFP scholarship lottery this year. Current CSFP parent Lisa spoke of her children who receive the CSFP scholarship awards. Lisa credits CSFP with helping to provide her older son a solid elementary and middle-school background, and stating that her younger son is thriving in his current elementary school.  Lisa’s message to new parents was loud and clear: “These scholarships have made the difference for my children, and they can for you, too.”


Mr. William R. Sasso, a founding CSFP Board member and Chairman of Stradley, Ronan, Stevens, & Young, LLP, also addressed the crowd at URBN. He credited his own solid elementary education for his later success, and encouraged students to aim high in their careers. Mr. Sasso has been a long term friend and supporter of CSFP.  His commitment to bettering the Philadelphia community is without equal.  We remain grateful for his 14 years of leadership and support and thank him for all he does to help so many in our community to succeed.


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