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CSFP Math and Writing Tutorial, Expanded and Enhanced

Aug 8, 2016

CSFP knows the value in providing additional, outside-the-classroom support for children in our program. When we first heard that some CSFP children experienced difficulty acclimating to the increased rigor of high school, especially in the key subjects of Math and Writing, CSFP launched a summer tutorial program. This program focuses on refreshing students’ skill sets in those key subjects before they enter high school.

This July, CSFP program participants entering eighth grade, and program alumni entering ninth grade this fall, brushed up on their Math and Writing skills at CSFP’s tenth annual Math and Writing Tutorial. We held six, three-hour long sessions over two weeks this summer. Each session was broken into two or three lessons, all taught by experienced local teachers. Lessons focused on building skills for high school Math and Writing, and additional coding classes were taught by fellow nonprofit Coded By Kids. This is the first year CSFP offered the tutorial for an extended six-nights, and the first year we offered coding classes.

And the results? Students reported learning gains in CSFP’s end-of-tutorial evaluation forms. One participant commented that she felt like she was “able to ask questions without feeling pressured” and another commented that the math session helped “clarify some questions [he] had” before entering the tutorial.

CSFP is pleased to be able to continue offering supplemental programs to our children. The generosity of our donors, including the B.N.Y. Mellon Mid-Atlantic Charitable Trusts, the Richard G. & Audrey A. Brinkman Foundation, the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation, and the Leo Niessen, Jr. Charitable Trust, have kept this program running. Thank you! CSFP would also like to thank the Honickman Learning Center for hosting this program.