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CSFP Celebrates National Day of Service with Application Distribution

Jan 21, 2016

CSFP’s free, easy-to-fill out application has just a few questions on it. The responses to one of these questions—“How did you hear about CSFP?”—has prompted a new, annual volunteer event for the organization. Each year, hundreds of families note that they hear about CSFP through word of mouth, from a friend or neighbor. CSFP decided to reach out directly to neighborhood businesses to help increase the awareness of these scholarships in the neighborhoods where applicants live and shop.

On January 16, CSFP staff and volunteers canvassed neighborhoods throughout the city in conjunction with the city-wide celebration of Martin Luther King Day and the affiliated National Day of Service. By visiting local businesses and disseminating information and applications throughout the city, CSFP hopes to encourage more families to apply to our scholarship program before our March 1 deadline.

CSFP would like to thank the many volunteers who came out, especially our friends from SEI, the CSFP Parent Network, and Young Friends group.