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CSFP Asks Governor Wolf to Release Tax Credit Approval Letters

Dec 3, 2015

More than 300,000 Pennsylvania children are at risk of losing much-needed educational services this year. CSFP and more than 700 other K-12th grade educational and scholarship programs in Pennsylvania are funded in large measure through the generosity of corporate donors utilizing two state tax credit programs: EITC and OSTC. The Governor’s office is not allowing the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to release “corporate tax credit approval letters” until a state budget passes. Approval letters must be received by our corporate donors before a gift to CSFP can be made. There is no legal reason for this hold up and unfortunately politics, not children, have become the priority in Harrisburg. Unless the Governor acts very soon and directs the DCED to issue the mandated EITC and OSTC approval letters, almost $150 million in 2015 educational funding will be permanently lost in our state. Join us in contacting the Governor to voice our concerns over this issue.