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Board Member Highlight: Pat Burke

Jan 22, 2019

CSFP is fortunate to partner with a large community who believe in our mission and the power of education to transform lives. One of those people is our Board Chair, Pat Burke.

CSFP Board Chair Pat Burke, with the Phillie Phanatic and our 2018 Teachers of the Year, onstage at the Kimmel Center.

Pat joined the CSFP Board several years ago. Growing up in a large family that struggled financially, Pat chose education as his path to future success. For that reason, he connects with our mission on a deep level: “CSFP’s mission is very personal to me because of the impact education had on my life, and I want to support CSFP’s efforts to provide the same opportunity to Philadelphia families.”

As Board Chair, Pat provides critical oversight of CSFP’s operations and governance, as well as insight on our program. In addition, he champions our mission in public, and often serves as emcee at CSFP events. If you have attended our Student Awards Ceremony or a Lottery Day celebration in the past, you’ve probably heard Pat praise the accomplishments of our students and families, or seen him hand out awards to CSFP students while joking with the Phillie Phanatic.  

To Pat (and CSFP) access to quality education “is unique to each child,” and changes lives. His dedication to our mission helps CSFP provide Philadelphia children with financial access to schools that fit their needs. And Pat’s one piece of advice for CSFP students? “Never stop learning. There will always be subjects and topics you like more than others. Embrace the challenge of learning something new; it means you are growing.”

Besides acting as Board Chair, Pat is the Managing Director at Mill Creek Capital Advisors, LLC. He lives in Chester Springs with his wife and three children.