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A surprising holiday celebration

Dec 11, 2017

On December 7, CSFP staff, donors, and volunteers gathered to call the new winners of CSFP’s scholarship lottery at a special holiday celebration hosted by FS Investments. The event marked the conclusion of CSFP’s priority lottery, through which CSFP randomly selected over 1,500 low-income Philadelphia families who applied to our K-8th grade scholarship program.

All CSFP scholarships are awarded by random lottery. The lottery is run twice per year: in December, and in March. The December lottery is our largest every year, though families interested in CSFP scholarships may still apply until March 1, 2018, for another chance to win.

At Lottery Day, several families whose children were selected in the December lottery received the good news in person. In an emotional surprise reveal, CSFP ED Ina Lipman announced that these families were selected from CSFP’s lottery and would receive financial support to send their children to one of CSFP’s 170 partner schools next school year. You can watch the reveal here:

CSFP scholarships provide financial access for children to attend quality private K-8th grade schools in the Philadelphia area. Nicole, the mother of three new scholarship winners, had this to say of her family’s new scholarship “It changes everything. [My children will] get to go to the school that they really want to go to. They get to tap into taking non-traditional courses so they can hone into skills they never knew they had.”

CSFP would like to thank FS Investments for hosting Lottery Day for the fourth consecutive year. In addition, we would like to thank the donors, volunteers, and families who came out to celebrate opportunity at Lottery Day.