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Among the 10 Largest Cities, Philly has Highest Deep-poverty Rate

Oct 21, 2015

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported that Philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty among America’s largest cities. The causes for deep poverty are many and complicated, but when interviewed for the Inquirer, Drexel University economist Neeta Fogg cited issues related to educational attainment as a major factor. Participation in the job market requires an educational level that many Philadelphians in deep poverty do not attain, and this has major effects on the city. According to the article, “Experts say Philadelphia’s poverty affects the city as a whole: A poor and uneducated workforce dissuades businesses from settling here.”

What can be done? At CSFP, we believe there is no greater tool for fighting poverty than education. CSFP scholarships help make quality education attainable for Philadelphia children from low-income families. We also provide some additional programming to families with children in our program and children who receive our support. In November, CSFP is organizing a Career Day to be held in November at great partner school St. Peter the Apostle to encourage students to look to their futures, and the future of Philadelphia.