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Heather Weiss Frattone

Executive Director |

Heather joined CSFP with an extensive background in public service, policy development and law in Philadelphia. An attorney herself, Heather’s most recent position was as Associate Dean for Professional Engagement at Penn Law, where she served for 10+ years. Before returning to Penn Law, Heather led the policy and planning efforts at the School District of Philadelphia and worked as an associate at Kleinbard and Dechert LLP. Early in her career, Heather worked in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs under President Clinton and at the Public Interest Law Center. Heather received her BS in Economics from Wharton cum laude in 1994 and her Penn Law degree cum laude in 1998. Heather lives in Spring Garden with her husband (Michael), kids (Lucca and Anabelle) and their beloved dog (Rocky) and she is excited for the privilege of working with Philadelphia families to provide greater educational opportunities for their children.