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2021 Camp Connections Program Options

PrepU at St. Joe’s Prep 
Dates & Time:  July 6-23, 8:30am – 2pm   
Eligible CSFP students: Grades 6 and 7 only
Description:  Get a high school experience and great exposure to St. Joseph’s Prep, its teachers and unique academic experience — all while gaining close-knit friendships and Philly experience that makes the Prep so special. From classic “prepare-U” courses like English and Math, to contemporary hits like Media and Technology, Leadership and Improv Comedy, Prep U students can learn a lot this summer at the Prep! Camp is co-ed – open for boys and girls.

La Salle Summer STEM Enrichment Program
Dates & Time: July 6-23, 9am-3pm  
Eligible CSFP students:  Grades K-8
Description: La Salle’s Summer STEM Enrichment Camp meets the need for students to develop these valuable 21st-century life skills like problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration in multiple areas through fun-filled and interactive learning. This year’s theme, “INVENTION CONVENTION” will allow campers to explore creative solutions to day-to day problems by using problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills that build confidence in invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hill Top Summer Adventures
Dates & Time: Choose 3 weeks between June 28 and August 6, 9am-3pm  
Eligible CSFP students:  Grades 1-8
Description: Hill Top Summer Adventures is a traditional summer camp with various programs options, such as Outdoor Adventures, Arts & Crafts, and STEM Scholars. Through the CSFP Camp Connections partnership, selected students will participate in 3 weeks of programming (out of 6 total weeks), choosing their daily activities and participating in weekly field trips. Additional emphasis on social skills and math/writing support available.

Friends Select City Lab
Dates & Time: 1-2 week classes, dates to be announced 
Eligible CSFP students:  Grades K-8 (will vary based on program availability)
Description: City Lab includes a range of experiential, exploratory online courses. These courses will be primarily 1-2 week explorations. Topics include art, cooking, languages, digital storytelling, 3D modeling and printing, and more.